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You have questions? We have answers.

We at Fine Cut Wood Flooring are happy to answer any question that arises about your wood floor, before, during, and after the job is complete. Take a look at our list of common questions below, but remember that you are only a phone call away from advice about your specific floor: 603-475-2061

For additional information, check out these pages from the National Wood Flooring Association's Frequently Asked Questions:


I think I want a new floor. Where do I start?

At Fine Cut Wood Flooring, we start with a conversation. We find out what you like and don't like, talk about how the floor will be used, discuss budget and time factors. We take accurate measurements and record your comments. After our discussion, we draft a quote for you to consider. ​


I want to have my floors refinished. What do I need to do to prepare for the work to be done?


Before we arrive, we ask that you move all furniture out of the area that we will be refinished, and stow away any fragile items from shelves. We use effective dust-containment systems, but please remove any items that you are concerned about.


My new floor looks great! How can I maintain it?


Vacuum or sweep the floor regularly, and damp-mop as needed, generally once a week. We will be happy to recommend specific products that will work best for your floor, depending on type of wood and finish. If your floor gets a lot of foot traffic and wear, we can schedule a service to bring back the luster if the wear has not completely penetrated the finish.


Our dog's nails have scratched our floors. What should we do?

Dogs' nails can do a number on any type of floor. Luckily, a wood floor can be renewed many times over its long lifetime. Sometimes we can buff out scratches rather easily. If the damage is more extensive, our sand and finish service will restore your floor's beauty. We can also recommend several different finishes that will hold up well to dog paw traffic.


Why should I choose Fine Cut Wood Flooring?


Trust. Experience. Expertise. Craftsmanship.

For over 25 years, owner Craig Anderson and his team have been installing, designing, and finishing floors from New England to Florida and beyond. Most of our work comes from referrals from highly satisfied customers who have trusted us to make their homes and businesses more beautiful. Craig has seen examples of jobs gone wrong, and he knows the right way to install and finish, meeting and exceeding industry standards. He is actively involved in the wood flooring industry, attending conventions (winning awards!) and taking classes to constantly add to his knowledge base and expertise. There really is a difference in a Fine Cut Wood Flooring floor – the fit and finish, the beautiful and unique design, the craftsmanship that is rarely seen today. Take a look through our photos. Let your imagination soar. Then call us and let us take your dream and make it a reality. Let your home be a unique reflection of you with a floor from Fine Cut Wood Flooring.

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