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Do you hate dust? So do we!

That's why we use state-of-the-art dust containment systems when we sand your floor. A lot less mess and healthier for all of us.

Play the video below to see our dust free sanding in action.

Dust Containment Matters

Many people hesitate to have their floors refinished because they think it will create a huge mess in their home. Our dust containment systems allow us to sand your floors thoroughly to bring back the original beauty of the wood with almost no dust.

Sanding Floors is an Art

You don't want to see scratches and swirl marks when your floor is refinished. Less experienced floor sanders sometimes cut corners that results in less than perfect results. At Fine Cut Wood Flooring, we are sticklers for smooth sanding. We use the highest quality machines and materials to get your job done right and make your floor beautiful again. 

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