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Fine Cut Wood Flooring is a family business

Craig Anderson, owner of Fine Cut Wood Flooring, Inc., has been in the wood flooring business for over 25 years. Craig and his team have designed, installed, sanded and finished wood floors all over the eastern United States, from local jobs in New England to being hired by the White House to install the floor in the new Presidential Conference Room in Washington, DC.

In 2011, Fine Cut Wood Flooring was awarded the prestigious "Wood Floor of the Year" award for a residential floor from the National Wood Flooring Association. Read more about the award by clicking here.

Craig's daughter Aisling and son Jesse are involved in all aspects of the business, from sanding and installation to marketing and customer service. The entire team at Fine Cut Wood Flooring works diligently to make sure that your floor meets and exceeds all your expectations. We want to help make your home a beautiful, unique reflection of you. We hope you will call us for a consultation to see how we can take your dream, and make it a reality. 

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